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Alle Themen von VZBV

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A selection of topics relating to consumer policy that the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband – vzbv) works on.

Digital and media

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Discussions are taking place at both national and European level on how to foster the availability of data.

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The economic dependence of consumers and business users on large digital gatekeeper platforms has increased. It is time to update the rules for platforms.

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Competition in digital markets

Big Tech companies control access to online platforms and digital ecosystems by impeding competitors and restricting consumers’ freedom of choice.

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Data protection

The protection of personal data thus forms an essential cornerstone for people’s autonomy and self-determination in our society.

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ePrivacy Regulation

Many consumers use internet telephony and messenger services every day to stay in touch with friends and family. Web surfing is also part of everyday life.

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Artificial Intelligence & algorithmic systems

Algorithmic systems have an increasing impact on decisions about consumers, for example via scoring procedures in the financial sector.

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IT security

Consumers’ data and IT systems are increasingly faced with online threats. Examples include identity and data theft or attempts of digital blackmailing.

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Energy and construction

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Energy transition

The energy transition will only succeed if the interests of consumers are better taken into account.

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Financial markets

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Payment accounts

Having a current account is a prerequisite for being able to participate in economic life.

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Food contact materials

Plasticisers in drinking bottles or formaldehyde in coffee cups – when it comes to food, consumers are exposed to countless harmful subsubstances.

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Official food controls and food safety

Food scandals regularly hit the headlines in Germany. Nevertheless, the total number of food inspections has stagnated at a low level in recent years.

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Legal affairs and trade

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Product safety

The rules on product safety in the EU date back to 2001. Since products and markets have changed in the meantime, the rules require an urgent update.

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Product liability in the digital age

vzbv calls for a fundamental reform of product liability law. To protect consumers, the provisions must be adapted to the requirements of the digital world.

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Resource-efficient products

Many products, especially electric devices, do not last as long as they used to, which is an annoyance for consumers.

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Due diligence in global supply chains

The majority of consumers wants to consume more sustainably. For most of them this is very difficult because sustainable products are still the exception.

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Mobility and travel

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Passenger rights

Reliability and punctuality are the key quality factors for consumers when it comes to mobility.

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