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Data protection

As digitisation progresses, the protection of personal data is also becoming increasingly important. Only this fundamental right enables people to act on an equal footing with organisations and companies that process their personal data. The protection of personal data thus forms an essential cornerstone for people’s autonomy and self-determination in our society.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has defined the conditions under which personal data may be processed. It balances the fundamental rights of data subjects and data-processing entities. New laws must not fall short of its level of protection but clarify rules for particularly risky data processing operations. In addition, the European Data Protection Authorities need to improve the enforcement of the GDPR.

vzbv demands

  • the fundamental right of protection of personal data must be safeguarded
  • other laws may not weaken the level of protection of the GDPR
  • clear rules for particularly risky data processing operations must be introduced
  • the European Data Protection Authorities must better enforce the GDPR of law enforcement by


23-02-02 Summary Report vzbv Data Protection for Video Consultations

Data Protection for Video Consultations

An analysis of the data protection policies of telemedicine platforms and doctor consultation portals | February 2023

PDF | 184.97 KB
22-11-15 MR vzbv Positionspapier Mobilitätsdatenwächter englisch finalisiert

Mobility Data Guardian - Ensuring Digital Privacy in Connected Vehicles For All Conumsers

Position paper of the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband e.V. – vzbv) on consumer-friendly and fair access to vehicle data | November 2022

PDF | 418.8 KB

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