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Advice & information

Goods ordered online have not arrived? Subscriptions on your mobile phone bill that were never made? The airline refuses to refund the cancelled flight? Consumer organisations can help with these and many other problems. The Federation of German Consumer Organisations (Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband – vzbv) does no offer individual counsel. But the consumer associations (Verbraucherzentralen) and other organisations help with all kinds of everyday consumer issues.


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Consumer associations (Verbraucherzentralen)

In Germany, the consumer associations in the 16 federal states offer advice and information on consumer issues and help with legal problems. They provide advice in advice centers on site, via phone and via internet, for example, on sales contracts, false promises from sweepstakes, food supplements, electricity bills or insurance.

Please note that the consultation can be held in German only.

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Offers from vzbv’s members

In addition to the consumer associations (Verbraucherzentralen), many of vzbv’s member associations also offer consumer advice. The topics range from rental law and healthcare to consumer education.

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European Online Dispute Resolution

Have you bought goods online in an EU member state and there is an issue with delivery or processing? In this case, the EU’s Online Dispute resolution system for eCommerce can help. In an online portal, consumers can contact the company directly and find a joint solution to the problem. The online portal offers many advantages. A translation tool, for example, helps overcome language barriers.

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Consumer organisations worldwide

Consumer organisations exist across the world. If you have problems or questions, the organisations in your country can help you best and fastest. If you do not know of any consumer organisation in your country, you will find a non-exhaustive overview on the website of Consumers International – a global organisation of consumer associations to which vzbv is a member.

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