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Passenger rights

Reliability and punctuality are the key quality factors for consumers when it comes to mobility. Consumers depend on the predictable use of public transport in their private and professional everyday lives as well as when travelling.

All too often passengers have to deal with cancelled or delayed trains and flights. The relevant regulations either lack sufficient consumer rights or make the enforcement of good passenger rights too difficult.

Therefore, European rail and air passenger rights regulations should create incentives. Railway and airline companies should increase their efforts to run journeys according to schedule. Strong passenger rights are such incentives. These include higher and easier, preferably automated, compensation for delayed or cancelled trains and flights. The different modes of transport must be better interconnected and easy to book online. Passengers should be able to rely on consistent passenger rights for multimodal journeys.

vzbv demands

  • amendments to EU regulations must improve passengers' rights
  • if passenger rights regarding different modes of transport are harmonised at European level, the most ambitious level of protection must be the standard
  • the prepayment practice for flight bookings must be modified or abolished
  • a new mobility law must define what a “passenger transport contract” is, along with the rights and obligations arising from it


Make Rail Travel Attractive for Consumers - Strengthen Passenger Rights

Make Rail Travel Attractive for Consumers - Strengthen Passenger Rights

Position paper of vzbv | 24 January 2018

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