Right to repair: make nationwide repair bonus a reality in Germany

vzbv: The EU’s recently approved “Right to Repair” directive could go further

  • The European right to repair helps make repairs easier 
  • vzbv: the German Federal Government must transpose the EU directive effectively and swiftly introduce a nationwide repair bonus
  • vzbv: EU must expand the obligation to repair to other product groups in the near future
Reparatur eines Handy-Displays

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When an electronic device stops working it often ends up in the rubbish bin. This is because repairs are usually expensive, cumbersome, or simply not possible. European lawmakers are aiming to counter this tendency with an EU-wide right to repair. The European Parliament has approved the result of the trilogue negotiations and adopted the Right to Repair directive. The Federation of German Consumer Organisations (Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband e.V. – vzbv) regards the directive as a positive first step in making repairs easier. We urge the German Federal Government to transpose the directive quickly and introduce a nationwide repair bonus within the current German legislative period.

 “Repairs have to become a viable alternative to new purchases for consumers. The European directive makes repairs easier. We urge the German Federal Government to now quickly transpose the directive within the current legislative period,” says Ramona Pop, Executive Director of vzbv. “Price is often the key influencing factor when it comes to repairs.  It is therefore essential to financially support consumers when they choose this option. The repair bonus piloted in Thuringia and Saxony was a great success, and can serve as a model for the rest of Germany.”

Right to repair must include more products

vzbv believes that, to date, the EU directive does not cover enough products. The rules only apply to ten product groups, including washing machines, TVs, smartphones, and e-bikes. Small electric and electronic devices, which often break down, are currently not included. “The right to repair must cover all product groups, including items such as coffee machines and furniture,” Pop says.

vzbv urges the European Commission to act to ensure that the right to repair is soon expanded to additional product groups. However, there is no sign of a swift solution. “Consumers should have a right to repair for all their products and devices. If the EU wants the directive to make a real difference, it needs to act quickly,” says Pop.




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