Model declaratory action against Daimler AG: now open for registration

Mercedes drivers can register now

  • The Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart opens claims register against Daimler AG.
  • Consumers can now register on the Federal Office of Justice (BfJ) website.
  • Consumers can sign up to the claims register free of charge and without any risk of incurring legal costs.
Musterfeststellungsklage gegen Daimler im Abgasskandal

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The Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart has opened the claims register for the model declaratory action brought by the Federation of German Consumer Organisations (Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband,  vzbv) against Daimler AG. Affected consumers can now sign up to the claims register at the Federal Office of Justice. Only registered consumers will participate in the model declaratory action. Registration is free of charge.

“A first and important step for consumers: registration for the model declaratory action against Daimler AG is now open. The lawsuit concerns as many as 50,000 vehicles that were manipulated by Daimler AG. At vzbv, we anticipate that many affected Mercedes drivers will exercise their rights against Daimler AG in the event that the lawsuit is successful. Consumers now have the opportunity to join the lawsuit without having to personally sue Daimler AG or expose themselves to the risk of incurring legal costs”, says Klaus Müller, Executive Director of the Federation of German Consumer Organisations.

Affected vehicle models and engine type

Mercedes GLC and GLK models equipped with the engine type OM651 are subject to official recalls due to illegal defeat devices. By fitting vehicles with such devices, manufacturers can achieve that the vehicles comply with the legal emissions thresholds during the type approval process. However, once the vehicles are on the road, they exceed these thresholds by a significant margin. If the software of these cars is not updated as ordered by the authorities, consumers risk that their vehicles may be taken off the road.

Assistance with questions about the lawsuit

The website contains summarised information about the lawsuit against Daimler AG. It provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about the proceedings and how to sign up to the register. Consumers can use our online claims checker to find out whether their particular case meets the requirements of the model declaratory action. Please note that the checker is only available in German.

What happens next in the proceedings?

Two months from now, a count will be carried out to determine whether 50 consumers have signed up. If so, the case will then proceed. Registration remains open until the end of the day before the oral hearing. This date has not yet been scheduled. Consumers can also withdraw their registration until the end of the day of the oral hearing. vzbv will announce the date of the oral hearing on its News Alert.





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