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Europe Can Do More

Europe, keep working for consumers!

vzbv´s Policy Demands for the 2019 European Elections

Europe as a whole can achieve more for consumers than the individual member states. In a single European market, national rules are often not very helpful. The next European Commission needs to prove that people benefit from the EU, that it is their interests that are put centre stage.

vzbv has listed ten key demands for strong consumer rights and a fair single market for the 2019 European Elections.

Security and self-determination for consumers in a digital world

To ensure that artificial intelligence serves the people:
develop ethical principles
To protect consumers against discrimination in the digital world:
make algorithmic decision-making processes more transparent
To protect consumers from damage caused by digital and connected devices:
reform product liability legislation
To ensure privacy in electronic communication:
enshrine strong user rights in the ePrivacy Regulation

Consumer-friendly markets and fair competition

To provide simple compensation procedures for consumers affected by mass damage events:
introduce collective redress mechanisms at European level
To take account of consumer interests in trade agreements and Brexit negotiations:
introduce a dedicated chapter on ‘trade and consumer protection’ as a standard
To provide needs-based financial advice for consumers:
end commission-based schemes for the sale of investment products and for financial services comparison platforms
To protect consumers against food scandals and inform them more effectively in critical situations:
ensure the consistent application of food market regulations throughout Europe

Stronger protection of resources and a sustainable single market

To help consumers rebuild their trust in true and accurate information on fuel consumption and emission figures:
introduce realistic measurement and testing procedures for the type approval of vehicles
To make it easier for people to be sustainable consumers:
Ecodesign Directive to additional product groups and introduce binding rules for the conservation of resources


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