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Key demands for the 2019 European elections

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Three out of four people in Germany believe that the EU plays an important role in consumer protection. And with good reason: harmonised rules and regulations make consumers’ everyday lives easier, safer, and often more affordable. But Europe can do more! The European Commission has to show that consumer protection is back at the top of its agenda and that citizens across the EU can benefit from a common policy. vzbv has formulated ten key demands for strong consumer rights and a fair single market for the legislative period from 2019 to 2024.

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"The EU can improve the lives of everyone. However, the newly elected European Parliament and the newly appointed European Commission will have to do more to address the everyday problems that affect consumers and to strengthen people’s confidence in a united Europe."

Klaus Müller, Executive Director of The Federation of German Consumer Organisations

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How the EU makes people’s lives better

There are many examples of how consumers benefit from EU rules – from the abolition of roaming charges to the General Data Protection Regulation and compensation for airline and rail passengers. Read more here

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vzbv publications for the 2019 European elections.

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Guidelines for the 2019 European Elections
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