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15.11.2007 > Dokument

Toy safety: discussion with Commissioner Kuneva

Peter Atkins –
Having in mind the recent toy recalls from "Mattel” and the Christmas holidays approaching fast, Commissioner Kuneva has decided to organise an online chat titled "Have a safe Christmas”. During that event, the Commissioner will directly discuss online with citizens topics related to consumers and in particular consumer rights and toy safety issues. The scope of this debate is to raise consumer awareness, especially during the forthcoming Christmas period and also to act as a forum where new ideas and proposals could be put forward.

You will be able to join the discussion on 5 December 2007, from 5.00PM until 7.00PM (Brussels time) via the Commissioner’s Website.

With regard to toy safety, possible issues that you might want to raise up during the discussion might be:
  • the necessity of higher standards for toy safety, in particular for chemical requirements in toys (i.e. no allergens, endocrine disruptors and carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic for reproduction substances should be used in toys);

  • the lack of efficiency of the voluntary agreements regarding product safety (especially apparent after the recent toy recalls) and the problems caused by the misunderstanding of the average consumer regarding the CE mark and what it really stands for;

  • points related to the comitology procedure revision introduced in the Directive.

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