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23.08.2007 > Dokument

Consumers International World Congress 2007

Peter Atkins –

18th Consumers International World Congress in Sydney, Australia

18th Consumers International World Congress

About Congress 2007

Consumer demands for corporate transparency, accountability and responsibility have never been so pressing. This event will focus on four key areas within an accountability theme: the impact of consumption on our planet, marketing, credit and debt, and what we eat.

Congress topics
  • Sustainable Consumption
  • The Obesity Pandemic
  • The Ethics of Drug Promotion
  • Consumer Credit and Debt

Each key area will be explored in a half-day session of plenaries and sub-plenaries. The programme has been developed with a view to providing delegates the opportunity to hear from internationally renowned experts, engage in insightful debates, and attend action-orientated workshops showcasing the work of consumer organisations around the world.

Programm Internationaler Weltkongress

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